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  • How To
    • Unique photos that resemble alphabet letters are combined to create any word. Alpha Photos gives you the opportunity to be the artist. You pick out the unique combination of photos and arrange them in our American made frames. It is as easy as
      1, 2, 3!

      1: Decide the word you would like to spell and type it into the space above
      2: Pick letters out of our catalog that you think look the best for your creation (All photos come labeled with the town and object photographed)
      3: Decide the color for your matte (black or white)

      The possibilities are endless. Have fun, be creative, and make your next gift one of a kind.

      Thank You,
      Tiffany & TJ Welsher Alpha Photos

  • Our Prices

    Alpha Photos are 4 x 6 Black and White printed on Kodak paper.
    Alpha Photos are $6 per letter when sold individually.

    Prices framed and matted and ready to hang:

    3 letter word: $55.00
    4 letter word: $65.00
    5 letter word: $75.00
    6 letter word: $85.00
    7 letter word: $95.00
    8 letter word: $105.00
    9 letter word: $115.00
    10 letter word: $125.00
    Please contact us for orders over 10 letters, if you desire spaces, or for any other custom design!

    Estimated Delivery/Pick-up time.
    Orders will be completed in 7-10 business days.
    Pick up in Penfield is available @ 58 Dublin Heights Rd.
    Pick-up time options will be e-mailed to you after your purchase
    OR We offer shipping.

  • Upcoming Shows
      • May 8th - Dec 31st, 2017
        No Shows in 2017. Please visits our website! We appreciate your support throughout the years!
  • About Us
    • Alpha Photos started when Tiffany, the owner, operator, and photographer of Alpha Photos, was looking for a one of a kind gift for her parents’ wedding anniversary. She went from gift store to gift store, in search of that perfect gift. As the date approached, Tiffany decided to take the matter into her own hands and make a collage of the different homes her parents have lived in throughout the years. While taking photographs she started to notice how different architecture, landscape, and everyday items resembled letters. Before she knew it Tiffany was spelling out the word; LOVE with one letter from each of her parents’ homes. When her parents opened the gift they were very excited and loved how each picture had a special meaning to them. Since then Alpha Photos has come a long way, Tiffany and her husband TJ, have searched all over for creative letters so that you can mix and match to create the perfect gift for your family and friends. Our special relationship with a local framing distributor allows us to bring high quality, eclectic art at affordable prices. Take your time and create a one of a kind Alpha Photo that you will cherish forever.

      These make great anniversary, birthday, house-warming, wedding, and graduation gifts. The “Perfect Gift” – Mary Spring

  • Contact Us
    • Alpha Photos
      (525) 727-3021
      58 Dublin Heights Rd
      Penfield NY 14526
      Want to sell Alpha Photos in your Store? Contact us for our wholesale prices!
  • FAQ
    • What sizes are the frames?

      * 3 opening 16 ” x 9”*
      * 4 opening 20” x 9 ”*
      * 5 opening 24” x 9”*
      * 6 opening 28” x9 ”*
      * 7 opening 32” x 9”*
      * 8 opening 37” x 9”*
      * 9 opening 44” x 11”*
      *10 opening 48” x 11”*

      Can you do a Frame Vertically?

      Yes, it is custom order. Please contact us and we will send you the details!

      Do you offer symbols?

      We have hearts and flowers and are continually expanding our selection. Please look under the letter Z for these options

      Do you have a store?

      Not yet

      Where are you located?

      We are located in Penfield, 58 Dublin Heights road. * We work out of our home office, so it is necessary to make an appointment with us. Please call us at 388-6842*

      Do you only sell black and white prints?

      We only stock black and white prints. Upon request we can process our photos in Sepia tones. We do not process in color as it is more difficult to depict a letter.

      Who takes all the photos?

      Tiffany takes all of the photos, but it has become family affair. TJ often finds many of the letters while Tiffany is busy capturing the images behind the lense.

      Can I add my own photo?

      Yes! Our customers are so creative and began to request this! Many customers leave an extra space for a family photo, photo of a new bride and groom, or any photo that has special meaning to them. Please send us an e-mail if you wish to do this!

      I have certain photos I am looking for, will you take them for me?

      We are always looking to expand our selection. If there is a town/object you don’t see in our catalog let us know! We also do custom orders for an additional fee.

      Do you offer different color mattes and frames?

      We currently offer only Black frames and a choice of black or white mattes. These colors compliment our photos best!

      Do you offer different size prints?

      Not at this time. We feel that 4 x 6 allows for our photos to be presented at their best quality, while making the overall size of each piece managable to hang on your wall.

      Are all the photos local?

      Yes! All of our photos are taken from the Rochester area. We love exploring new neighborhoods as we capture our images. We are expanding to include photos from Buffalo too!

      What shows are you going to be at?

      Please see our schedule on the front page of our website